Published on 2008-05-04 12:09:10

poker player markus golser - playing online at full tilt pokerThe list of winners so far this month in high stakes cash games on Full Tilt Poker contains some very familiar names, including the likes of Phil Galfond, David Benyamine and Markus Golser. With the lull between the WPT Championship and World Series of Poker, many top players are putting in more hours online in May.

The biggest winner so far in May is "CHUFTY", who has amassed an impressive $403k in profits in just the first three days of May. "CHUFTY" is a Pot Limit Omaha expert, and every penny of his $403k in profits have come from PLO.

Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond is second on the list with a total profit of $378k. Galfond, known as one of the top online NLHE cash game players in the world, has successfully transitioned over to Pot Limit Omaha. Galfond has had a huge 2008 on the site, and is close to being up two million dollars on the year.

"This_is_4_DV" has come out of nowhere to rack up $302k in total profits over just seven sessions. David Benyamine and Markus Golser round out the top five with profits of $288k and $225k respectively. Other familiar names in the list of top winners on Full Tilt Poker in May include "ICallSoWhat" (+140k), "KObyTAPOUT" (+127k) and "Urindanger" (+96k).

Hac "trex313" Dang, one of the biggest winners on Full Tilt Poker from January to the end of April, is currently down almost $600k so far in May. "EURO32PLYR" is currently second on the list of biggest losers, having dropped over $440k so far this month.

"Luck123", Eric Liu and "Krp3_DM" round out the list of the top five biggest losers on the site in May. "Luck123" has dropped $221k, Eric Liu has dropped $154k and "Krp3_DM" has lost $141k.

The biggest overall No Limit Hold'em winner in May so far is "Urindanger", who has racked up an impressive $187k in total profits.

The biggest overall Pot Limit Omaha profit in May belongs to "CHUFTY", who has racked up over $400k in total gains.

The games have been good so far this month, and I expect that they will stay strong right through the World Series of Poker.

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