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the king is playing poker and reporting on prima poker and ladbrokesWe usually spend our time talking about the high stakes cash games on Full Tilt Poker, as Highstakesdb does a great job of tracking these games, plus there is usually a lot of action. Today I thought we would cover the biggest winners and losers in the high limit No Limit Hold'em cash games on Ladbrokes and Prima so far in March, just for a change of pace.

Let's start with Prima.

So far in March (as of March 17th), "Cogaz" is the biggest winner with a total profit of $173k. This is especially impressive considering that the gains have come over just 2975 hands, meaning that "Cogaz" has made an average of $58.15 per hand so far this month.

Next up on the list is "TiltMeNot". "TiltMeNot" has raked in just under $135k so far in March over 6300+ hands.

"LIMPA_DIRRR" is third on the list with a total profit of just over $123k. "LIMPA_DIRRR" has put in a significant number of hours so far in March, having played almost 22,000 hands over 74 different sessions.

Rounding out the top five are "Ironballs" with a total profit of $105k and "WINNER2422" with a total gain of $89k.

The top ten list of NLHE losers for March on Prima includes a couple of familiar names. "LrsLzk", known as "Lars Luzak" on Full Tilt Poker, is currently atop the list of biggest NLHE losers for March with a total loss of $94k. He is closely followed by "-NoName-" who has dropped $86k, and "Tottovicz1" who has lost $78k. "dilling89" has dropped $69k in March, which is good for fourth place, and "hanna18" rounds out the top five with a total loss of $62k.

There is considerably less high stakes action on Ladbrokes so far in March, but let's go over the top results anyways.

"Pokergirl1" is currently atop the leaderboard with a total profit of $37k over almost 2600 hands. "biglad" is currently in second place with a total profit of $11,700, while "Nebuchad" is in third place having made just under $11k so far in March on the site. "Nebuchad" is a widely known high-stakes cash game player who made an embarrassing gaffe at a recent EPT event dinner (I'm sure that you have heard about it by now).

"BigVin53" is currently sitting atop the list of biggest NLHE losers on the site with a total loss of $25k. "Connect18" is currently in second place, having dropped $19k, while "dilling89" sits in third place with a loss of $9300. "pinkDeeevil" and "card33" round out the top five.

Source: Highstakesdb


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