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poker king is covering his eyes - he can not watch what happens to ed hollis nextWhen the story last left off, Ed "Bluescouse" Hollis had just made a blog posting on his site entitled "IN BAD SHAPE", where he lamented that he had just dusted off almost all of his bankroll. He had borrowed substantial sums of money to stay in the high stakes games that he is accustomed to playing. On January 31st, he talked about depositing 15k pounds of "borrowed money", running up the total to 33k pounds, and then going almost totally broke after getting his entire stack in the middle, drawing completely dead against a higher flush.

One of Ed's biggest accomplishments is that despite the fact that he is a complete degenerate, he still managed to pull enough money out of his wild sessions to purchase a house. From the sounds of it, he had a significant amount of equity in the home.

Well, in this same blog posting on January 31st, Ed said that he would soon be selling his house in order to increase his nearly busted bankroll. He justified the proposed action by saying that " whenever i'm broke it always seems stupid having money invested in the house but having nothing to play with". This one blog posting met with a tremendous outpouring of emotion from the poker community. 127 comments were made in response to this one blog posting, with most of the people imploring Hollis to receive some professional help for his gambling addiction.

Weeks went by without Hollis making another entry to his blog. Most people assumed that he was busy handling the sale of his home.

Well, on February 28th, Hollis made a new entry titled "Little Change". In the posting, Hollis said that he had been lent 5k more (who is lending him this money?), and that he was still planning on selling his house as it was not his "ideal home". He goes on to say that once he sells his home, he will have much stricter bankroll management (okay), and that he will institute deterrents if he chooses to break his bankroll management rules.

Over the past few days, "Bluescouse" has apparently run up his 7200 pound bankroll up to 25k pounds playing a mix of 10/20 and 25/50 on Crypto, under his alias "_Goku_". As per usual, he has most or all of his total bankroll spread over a couple of different tables.

The big question is - will he run up his bankroll to over 100k pounds once again, like he has done three times in the past, or will he bust again, as he has done many times in the past? One thing is for sure, there will certainly be a large crowd of interested onlookers railing his games. Half want him to succeed, and the other half want him to go broke.

Unless he institutes some kind of bankroll management, Hollis is destined to go bust once again. He may run up his bankroll to 100k pounds, but then he will just move up and play 250/500 No Limit Hold'em as he has done in the past. In November '06, Hollis hit a high of 170k pounds in his bankroll, and then proceeded to lose 120k pounds over the next three days playing 250/500 NLHE against some of the best players in the world.

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