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poker king is in a thinking pose - pondering the identity of seda1 at full tilt poker - player that plays against phil iveyOnline poker message boards have been abuzz over the possible identity of the mystery player known as "seda1" on Full Tilt Poker.

"seda1" has almost exclusively been playing $500/$1k heads-up No Limit Hold'em against Phil Ivey. Apparently the two of them have been cross-booking and playing $1k/$2k.

The two players have swung back and forth, with "seda1" winning one session and Phil Ivey winning the next.

Yesterday was a particularly ugly day for "seda1" as Ivey put the boots to him, and ended up winning around $600k. Ivey had bought in for $200k, and by the time he left the table, he had a stack of just around $800,000. There were a couple of monster pots, including a $384k pot where Ivey had a pair of pocket aces on a board of 6 8 J 3 and "seda1" got it all-in with J-7, and another $284k where Ivey turned two pair and ended up beating the top pair, top kicker of "seda1".

If the two had been cross-booking this action yesterday (no reason to see why they wouldn't be), then Ivey would have actually won $1.2 million dollars on the session.

Ivey, as we said on Poker King yesterday, won't divulge the identity of "seda1".

Many people have been speculating that "seda1" is actually Barry Greenstein, and that he doesn't want to divulge his identity because he has an agreement with Pokerstars.

As mentioned on our other site yesterday, this would be rather surprising to me as "seda1" doesn't seem to be a particularly good player. He really doesn't get any value out of his strong hands. Instead, he much prefers getting his stack in the middle when he has a drawing hand. There were a few hands in particular on Tuesday that "seda1" seemed to misplay rather badly. I don't think that Greenstein would make those kinds of mistakes.

Is it another professional poker player? I doubt it, for the same reasons that I doubt that it is Barry Greenstein.

Many are speculating that it is a rich amateur poker player. Some are speculating that it could be a celebrity, such as Jay-Z, while others think that it might be a professional athlete. I would think that there is a much greater chance that "seda1" is a rich amateur player rather than a professional player.

It is clear that Ivey and "seda1" know each other fairly well. They are clearly talking on the phone before and during their play, as Ivey knows exactly when "seda1" is going to show up and leave. When Ivey busted "seda1" yesterday, he left immediately without saying "gg" or anything. If the two players weren't talking on the phone, I just can't see Ivey doing this to someone he just took $600k from. Instead, "seda1" likely said, if I bust what I have on the table, I am done for today. This is just speculation, but it seems likely to me.

My hunch is that "seda1" is a celebrity or athlete who doesn't really want people to know that he is playing $1k/$2k high stakes poker. Maybe we will find out who it is one day. Until then, we can just speculate.


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