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poker king gives a victory sign with his hand - to the tournament winner - csimmsux"Csimmsux" overcame an extremely tough field that was stacked with professional talent on Sunday to take down FTOPS Event #17.

This was the $2500+$120, two-day No Limit Hold'em event that started on Saturday and just finished. The tournament was paused on Saturday evening with around 90 players left.

There were many well-known players left in the field when the tournament resumed on Sunday, including Chad "Jse81" Batista, Ram Vaswani, "" and Gavin Smith.

There was a total prize pool of $2.122 million dollars and a total of 849 players registered in the tournament, making it much larger than the last such tournament in FTOPS VI. First place was due to receive $488k and second place was going to receive $307k.

The field was slowly whittled down to five players, with some well-known casualties hitting the rail in the process, including Eric Froehlich and Ram Vaswani.

The five players who were left at this point were: "csimmsux", "Random Donk", "slaktarn", "John Newcombe" and "ABU-BILAL".

Does "csimmsux" sound familiar? You may recognize this name as "simmsux" from Pokerstars. "simmsux" took down the Pokerstars Sunday Million in September of '06 for 156k. Also, "csimmsux" won a PLO rebuy event at FTOPS V in the summer of 2007. This player is known as being extremely good in large-field tournaments, and is also known as a very deliberate player who takes a long while before making any decision.

Anyways, "Random Donk" went out in fifth place after he got all-in holding A5 of spades on a flop of 7 10 9 with two spades. "slaktarn" held the A-10 of diamonds, and "Random Donk" hit the rail in fifth place after receiving no help from the turn and river.

John Newcombe was the next casualty, going out in 4th place. He was short-stacked and got all of his chips in the middle holding A-8. Unfortunately for Newcombe, "csimmsux" held pocket Queens and Newcombe went out in fourth place.

At this point, "csimmsux" started to see his stack dwindle. Fortunately, he was able to double up when his pocket tens held up against the pocket sixes of "slaktarn". This doubled "csimmsux" up, and "slaktarn" was the next one out of the tournament.

"slaktarn", perhaps wanting retribution from "csimmsux", got all of his chips into the middle holding the KJ of spades. Unfortunately for "slaktarn", "csimmsux" held A-Q offsuit. The board was unable to improve the hand of "slaktarn", and he went out in third place.

"csimmsux" and "ABU-BILAL" then engaged in a lengthy heads-up battle that must have lasted at least half of an hour. The momentum continued to shift back and forth. "csimmsux" had the chip lead when the final hand came down.

The flop came 3 8 4 with two hearts, and both of the players got their chips in the middle.

"csimmsux" held A-8 offsuit for top pair.

"ABU-BILAL" held Q-2 of hearts for a flush draw.

The turn brought a 5, giving ABU-BILAL more outs. Now, he could hit an Ace, a six, a Queen or any heart to win the pot. The river blanked out though, bringing the 2 of clubs and giving "csimmsux" the victory.

All in all, this was a very entertaining tournament. Basically the entire field was talented, and there was some great poker played. Congratulations to "csimmsux" and everyone else that cashed in this tournament.


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