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pokerstars caribbean adventure - attendance going up - poker starsI guess we can't really be surprised that the overall numbers for the 2008 Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure are up over 21% from last year, considering how fast Pokerstars has continued to grow over the past twelve months. At last year's event, there were a total of 937 entrants, creating a total prize pool of $7.3 million dollars. This year, there are a total of 1135 entrants which will create a prize pool of $8.85 million dollars.

People have a great time at the PCA due to its great location (Bahamas) and also due to the fact that people get a chance to hang out with their "online" poker friends from all around the world. Pokerstars does a great job hosting the event, and it shouldn't surprise anyone that the PCA has become as popular as it has.

There is a tremendous amount of poker talent battling it out for the projected $2 million dollar first place prize. Day 1A and 1B are now in the books, and your overall chipleader is Brian Lindsay, who currently has about 226k in total chips. Asa Smith is close behind with 223k in chips. Ryan Collett finished Day 1A as the chipleader with 176k, and Steve Paul-Ambrose was close behind with 170k. The two fields will combine tomorrow.

Some other selected chip counts that may be of interest to our readers:

Day 1B -

Daniel Negreanu, 93,950

Noah Boeken, 56,000

Hevad Khan, 54,050

Barry Greenstein, 47,550

Day 1A -

Eric Lynch, 141,675

Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier, 123,825

Josh Arieh, 109,800

David Wells (yes, the pitcher) 88,150

Chris Moneymaker, 58,600

Humberto Brenes, 54,875

Johnny Lodden, 48,900

Chad "Lilholdem954" Batista, 39,250

Nick Schulman, 11,000


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