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poker king is looking funny at tony g and relationshipIf you watch poker on TV, then you have surely heard of Tony "Tony G" Guoga. He does his absolute best to put his opponents on tilt, and has provided us with some memorable Youtube moments.

Anyways, Tony G posted on his blog a few days ago that T6 Poker was his new home, and that he would be playing there exclusively. He said that most people think that he owns Tony G Poker, but he actually doesn't. Anyways..

Tony G was one of a handful of pros to sign on with the site. Some of the other notable names who have signed deals with T6 Poker include Rolf Slotboom and Mats Rahmn.

After Tony made this blog posting, someone in the comments section posted a link to this site:

According to this page, there was an article in the Swedish Daily Expressen that stated that T6Poker is a suspected ponzi scheme.

The article also claims that the company behind T6 Poker, "1oz Group", changed its name from "AlistonPrice", and that "AlistonPrice" can be found on the warning list of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority for being a suspected Ponzi scheme.

The article goes on to say that the T6 Poker client is downloaded from Rapid Share. I don't know if this was changed or was never true. I tried downloading the client myself and it didn't work for me.

There are other allegations made but you would probably be best off just reading the entry for yourself.

So anyways, Tony G posts that article shortly after midnight on January 1st. There were many questions raised about his association with T6 Poker, so he felt the need to answer some of the questions in a follow-up blog posting made about 18 hours later, entitled "More on T6 Poker."

The first thing that he says is that he is aware of the people that are behind T6 Poker. He then goes on to refute one of the allegations made in the posting that I linked to earlier; that was an allegation that the registrant of the T6 Poker domain had decided to remain anonymous.

He goes on to say that he does not own any part of the site but signed a one year deal to play on the site. He says that T6 Poker is spending a lot of money to back up some of their claims (that they will "change the poker business" and "become one of the biggest sites in the world within six months"), and that he doesn't think that the company is a scam. He doesn't touch too much on the allegations that 1oz Group is a Ponzi company.

Anyways, this story has been making the rounds the past few days and I thought that I would post about it. I have no insight into the story myself; I'm just posting what I read on Tony G's blog and on There have been other allegations made about the company that you can read about if you follow some of the links that I have posted below:

Tony G Blog Posting #1

Tony G Blog Posting #2

Swedish Daily Expressen Article (in Swedish)

Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority page


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