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poker player isaac baron - WestmenloAA, - MJorgenson13It's not too often that you find someone who is not only a great tournament player online, but also a great cash game player. Normally it is either one or the other; you are either a great cash game player or a great tournament player, but rarely both.

Isaac Baron, aka "WestmenloAA" on Pokerstars, aka "Mjorgenson13" on Full Tilt Poker, aka "Bossmenlo" on Ultimatebet would certainly qualify as both. Someone posted a great quote recently that sums up my feelings on "WestmenloAA" perfectly; it's not often that you find a great online tournament player who doesn't have a fifty person waiting list every time they sit down at a cash game. Many cash game players will tell you that they are tournament donks; many tournament players will tell you that they chunk off tremendous amounts of money in cash games. It's just the way it is, and it isn't too often that you find someone who excels at both, especially someone who is so young.

In terms of cash games, Isaac Baron can sit with anyone and compete, and most of the time he will do extremely well. Not only that, but he is also a well-rounded player who can play both Pot Limit Omaha cash games and No Limit Hold'em cash games. I think if you asked most high-stakes cash game players on Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker, they would tell you that Isaac Baron is not an easy opponent. Pick some of the other top online tournament names, and I doubt that they would tell you the same thing.

In terms of online tournament play, Baron is one of the best. Over the past couple of years, "WestmenloAA" is up over $780k profit on Pokerstars, "Mjorgenson13" is up over $250k on Full Tilt Poker, and "Bossmenlo" is up over $66k. That's well over a million dollars of profit just from tournament play alone over the past few years alone, and that doesn't even include his three live tournament cashes. Baron cashed in two PCA tournaments so far in his career and once at the North American Poker Championships in '06.

Baron has won two Sunday major tournaments; one on Pokerstars in the Sunday Million for $254k, and once on Full Tilt Poker in a $750k Guaranteed tournament for $132k. He came third in the recent UBOC 13 tournament on Ultimatebet for $74k. If you scroll down his list of online tournament cashes, you will see numerous other $50k+ cashes and too many other 5 digit cashes to count.

If you were to ask the question: who is the most talented player online today who plays both cash games and tournaments consistently? I think that you would have a hard time making a better case than Isaac Baron.


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