Published on 2007-10-24 01:53:37

article that wraps up the absolute poker scandalFor the past few weeks, we've basically just been writing about the Absolute Poker situation and nothing else (especially on our other site, Poker King.)

The situation seems to have settled down somewhat, with Absolute Poker making a public statement this past weekend admitting guilt in the matter. They have promised to let the auditors do their work (they are permitting full access to the cheating accounts and have publicly stated that they want the auditors to remain on-site for at least six months) and they have also promised to fully refund anybody who lost money as a result of the scam. The audit and refund processes will both take some time, but we feel confident now that Absolute Poker will make this situation right, as they have thousands of eyeballs watching their every move if they make even one misstep.
With that, we have decided to wrap our coverage of the Absolute Poker situation for now. We are going to let the auditors do their work, and we are going to let Absolute Poker try and make things right. Please know that we will keep a close eye on the situation, and report on any instances of Absolute Poker not being completely honest with their players.

But for now, we hope to put the focus on other situations within the online poker world.


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