Published on 2007-10-17 02:42:43

the king is not happy with other poker site for not covering the absolute poker situationThe silence is deafening.

One of the biggest news stories EVER in online poker is going down as we speak, and many of the major poker news sites seem to be afraid to talk about it.

I'm not pointing fingers, and I'm not naming sites.

In my opinion, everyone needs to be informed of this situation that is taking place at Absolute Poker. The best way to do that is to make sure that all of the major "poker news" sites have some coverage regarding this extremely news-worthy event that is taking place.

I have heard that some sites are "preparing" stories, but honestly, that's just not good enough. This story has been slowly picking up steam for the past month now, and has only just exploded in the last couple of days.

Sure, reporting on this story might damage some of the relationships that poker news sites and Absolute/Ultimatebet have, but you know what, who cares. If you care about online poker then you should be pulling no punches in regards to this story. The long-term negative effects of glossing over this story will be much more damaging to online poker than the short-term negative effects of reporting on the story and possibly blowing up your relationships with two of the major poker rooms online.

I mean, it's embarrassing. Search for "Absolute Poker" in Google News and you'll find stories of Dream Packages and Bad Beat Jackpots. Who cares? The only other listed site in Google News that seems to be reporting about this story is Part Time Poker.

On, 11 of the last 15 stories have either been about the Pokerstars WCOOP cheating fiasco or the Absolute Poker hole-card story. Skip over to some other sites and you'll read about the Spanish WPT and Bad Beat Jackpots and the Sunday Millions winner. Again, who cares? A story of epic proportions is going down and many sites seem to be looking the other way.

Much in the way of hard evidence has surfaced in the Absolute Poker story, and it is high time that the major poker news sites start reporting about it. The major poker message boards such as and are leading the way in getting this story out to the masses, and now it is time for the other sites to do their part. You know who you are.


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