Published on 2007-10-15 21:55:28

bad day for online pokerIn case you haven't heard, there have been two major developments this past week regarding the situations with Pokerstars and Absolute Poker.

First, let's start with Pokerstars. "TheV0id", the account that took down the WCOOP and $1.2 million dollars, has been banned from the site for not following Pokerstars' terms and conditions. Pokerstars will never divulge exactly what led them to disqualify and ban "TheV0id", but based on what I have heard, this account was involved in some pretty major multi-accounting during the event.

So what does this mean? It means that Pokerstars has a black eye, "TheV0id" will receive none of the $1.2 million dollars that he/she won in the main event, and "ka$ino" is your new WCOOP champion. Everyone will be bumped up one spot, and "TheV0id" will be permanently banned from the site.

Now - about Absolute Poker. All hell broke loose this weekend. Absolute Poker sent out an official statement late last night in which they said that they had investigated the allegations of a "superuser" account, and had found no evidence of wrong-doing.

"CrazyMarco", the player that was runner-up to "Potripper" in the tournament that sparked all of these allegations, requested a Hand History of the tournament.

Absolute Poker sent him an Excel file that showed ALL of the hands dealt out for a good portion of the tournament. The file was parsed and analyzed and posted online. The file showed conclusive evidence that "Potripper" was able to see the hole cards of other players at his table. There is just no other explanation when you view the file.

Other allegations are surfacing regarding Absolute Poker, and we will be posting a more detailed article tomorrow regarding these new allegations. If they are true, then it could be a long winter for Absolute Poker.


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