Published on 2007-10-13 21:50:35

bodog domain name dispute - bodog girlsA few months after Bodog lost their most valuable domain names to 1st Technology LLC and effectively had their business temporarily shut down, a judge ruled that the default judgment against Bodog would not be overturned. However, the judge did grant some key concessions to Bodog.

1st Technology LLC was really looking to put the boots down on Bodog, as they had petitioned the court to put a stop to all Bodog business in the USA, plus they had asked that Bodog no longer be allowed to redirect traffic to

The judge denied both of these requests, however he did uphold the $48.8 million dollar judgment against Bodog and said that he wouldn't return the domain name "" to its original owners. Bodog has said that they will appeal the decision.

If Bodog ever wants to get its original domain name back, you can bet that the patent holder will ask for an arm and a leg. I just don't think that it is worth it to Bodog at this point. They seem to have moved on with, and getting their previous domain name back is more of a pride issue at this point. They adapted and now their business seems to be thriving against, despite the "patent trolls."


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