Published on 2007-10-11 19:34:34

patrick antonius aka finddagrind at full tilt pokerThe only person that I can think of who has had more online poker aliases than Patrik Antonius is maybe David Benyamine.

Patrik has played as I_KNOCKOUT_U, Allthewomen, Luigi66369, CryMeaRiver8, and now FinddaGrind.

This is at least his third different nickname that he has used on Full Tilt Poker so far. David Benyamine used to play under different aliases all the time for superstitious reasons; I am not sure whether or not Antonius is the same or if he just gets bored of an alias after a couple of months.

Regardless, Antonius is currently playing on Full Tilt Poker as "FinddaGrind."

I would imagine that Antonius and Ivey will have some pretty exciting battles in the new heads-up $500/$1000 NLHE and PLO rooms that were especially set up for Ivey. The problem is that Ivey tends to quit a match when he loses one buy-in, so unless he amasses a stack right away, the matches will usually be pretty short. That happened today when Ivey and Antonius played; Ivey lost a buy-in when Antonius made a flush on the river in Pot Limit Omaha and Ivey quit the match. It's definitely a great way to avoid tilt, but it makes for some pretty short matches.

It remains to be seen how long Antonius will play under "FinddaGrind" for. No matter what name he is going under, Antonius seems to love the high stakes action on Full Tilt Poker.


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