Published on 2007-10-04 22:22:28

poker scandals eroding player confidenceTwo major "scandals" have erupted online in the past few weeks.

First we had the whole Absolute Poker situation. This involved rampant speculation that certain players had "superuser" status and could see the hole cards of the other players at the table.

This situation has still not been resolved (or anything close to it by the sounds of it) and Absolute Poker has been incredibly silent on the matter.

Then, we have word that Pokerstars is investigating the winner of the WCOOP main event, "TheV0id" for possible multi-accounting. Rumor has it that this player had up to 5 accounts registered in the main event under different family names, and that the accounts played from the same IP address. We don't have concrete details on this matter, but the fact that Pokerstars has been investigating for days now would lead a person to believe that there is something to this story.

Then, you have the stories in the past about all of the multi-accounting, and taking over of accounts late in tournaments, etc.

My question is: do these stories affect you at all? Do you hesitate when it comes to play online now because of all of the improprieties?

Or in the end, do you not really care?


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