Published on 2007-09-19 23:19:40

phil ivey vs patrik antoniusThe Million Dollar Cash Game. Phil Ivey. Patrik Antonius. Brian Townsend. Tony G. You just knew that there were going to be fireworks, and you knew that there would be some monster pots.

A truly monster hand developed earlier today, and it went down between Phil Ivey and Patrik Antonius.

The board read A-A-J-5. Phil Ivey bet $100,000, and Antonius called.

The turn was a Queen on hearts. There were no flush possibilities on the board.

Ivey bet $225,000. After a few minutes of thoughts, Antonius called.

Ivey flipped up pocket Jacks for the flopped full house, and Antonius mucked. Everyone watching speculated that Antonius had something like A9 or A10, but I guess we won't know until we watch the broadcast.

This created a huge $807,400 pot, a pot that I am sure will be watched hundreds of thousands of times once it hits Youtube.

The other interesting piece of news from the Million Dollar Cash Game so far is that Brian Townsend challenged Tony G to a heads-up battle. The first person that loses 2 million dollars is allowed to then walk away. Tony G didn't seem too excited about the idea. Speaking of Townsend, he is not faring that well in the cash game so far, but did succeed in shutting up Tony G for a while.


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