Published on 2007-08-17 04:41:23

king points to the problemWe apologize for the JJProdigy overload, but he's been in the news quite a bit as of late, and we just report on what people are talking about.

There is quite a bit of talk today about the MattyV victory in the FTOPS #9 6-Max Rebuy event on Full Tilt Poker last night. The field was probably one of the toughest fields ever assembled online, with a mix of tough online players and notable live poker pros. Mattyv took down the tournament in a very impressive display, pretty much dismantling the final table en route to victory.

Many well-known online poker pros cried foul the day after though, saying that Mattyv was coached to victory by JJProdigy. They contend that JJProdigy coached Matty to victory over the phone.

These well-known names point out that the game played by Mattyv at the final table was an entirely different game played by Mattyv throughout the rest of the tournament. Mjorgenson13, a very well-known name in online poker, was eliminated by Mattyv at the final table. He says that he lived with Mattyv in Vegas for the summer, and that there is no way that Mattyv was actually planning at the final table. He contends that JJProdigy may not have been pushing the buttons, but he was surely coaching Mattyv to victory. Mjorgenson13 contends that it was extremely shady to allow JJProdigy to coach Mattyv to victory without informing someone whom he had roomed with throughout the summer that he was being coached by possibly the best poker player online, JJProdigy.

Mattyv denies the allegations, saying that he played the final table entirely on his own with no help from JJProdigy.

Mjorgenson13 points to his elimination hand as proof that JJProdigy was directing Matty to victory. Mjorgenson13 raised pre-flop with K 10, and Mattyv called in the BB with A 7. The flop came 8 7 3 I believe. After some betting after the flop, Mjorgenson13 went all-in and Mattyv snap called with middle pair. The pair held up, and Mjorgenson13 was eliminated (the flop and pre-flop betting may be slightly off, but this is the gist of how it went down.)

Mjorgenson13 says that based on what he witnessed of Mattyv's play over the summer, he was incapable of such a gutsy read on his own, and it was JJProdigy that was pulling the strings on this hand, and ultimately guided Mattyv to victory.

True? Not true? Who knows, but the poker community is on edge as of late, as JJProdigy has suddenly sprung back to the surface.


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