Published on 2007-08-12 19:17:27

poker stars logoIn my mind, ADZ124 has replaced Hallinggol as the player that people watch the most on Pokerstars in the high Limit No Limit Hold'em games. Just like Hallinggol, ADZ124 will normally have stacks on 6-7 tables at once. And just like Hallinggol, ADZ124 plays an extremely aggressive and tricky game that fools most opponents.

Because of the fact that ADZ124 is so tricky and aggressive, he can usually end up getting staked by his opponent once or twice before the tables start to turn. Just like Hallinggol, you never really know where ADZ124 is at in a game. Just because he is sitting with a $12k stack in a 25/50 game on Pokerstars doesn't necessarily mean that he is up on the session at this table. But most of the time, from what I have seen, ADZ124 ends up a winner in his sessions, as his tricky and unorthodox play normally ends up frustrating his opponent and he will end up with his original stack back, plus all of his opponents stack. Some of the top players online, including Genius28, Hallinggol (when he plays) and ADZ124 all use this extremely LAG way of playing cash games. As I said, they can lose a stack quickly, but normally they are so hard to put on a hand that they will crush their opponent in the long run.

ADZ124 isn't afraid to play anyone, and will just as easily sit in the rarely running 100/200 No Limit Games on Stars. ADZ124 is truly a fearless player, and one that shouldn't be taken lightly. If you are in the mood to rail someone, ADZ124 is always a good pick, as he plays lots of hands and the games are normally very deep.


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