Published on 2007-07-23 00:51:30

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If you like to watch the high stakes poker games on Full Tilt Poker, then you have no doubt witnessed Ziigmund is action. Ziigmund is without a doubt the most aggressive and reckless player on Full Tilt, enduring massive swings on a daily basis. It is not unusual for Ziigmund to be down $400k in one session and end up $800k in the next. Ziigmund also plays the big live games (oftentimes drunk), and participated in the big mixed No Limit Hold'em / Omaha PL mixed games that went down at this year's World Series of Poker.

So who is Ziigmund on Full Tilt Poker?

He is a Finnish player named Ilari Sahamies. Most people call him "Illari Finn", because of his Finnish background. He is not only known for his reckless play at the tables, but also for his humorous chat sessions, where he belittles and berates some of the best-known players in the world,  including Gus Hansen and Phil Ivey.

Ziigmund has a poker bankroll that runs in the many millions of dollars, and has been profiled in the only poker magazine in Finland, called the "Pokerilehti." Ziigmund is extremely well-known in his homeland of Finland, and if he continues his massive swings at Full Tilt Poker, will soon be just as well-known in North America.


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