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There have been some sick, sick hands played online, with some almost impossible beats dished out. This list will not only include the incredibly bad beats, but also include the unbelievable call downs with excessive sums of money on the line.

Which gets your vote?

6. Whitelime's calldown of Ziigmund. With the board reading 5 7 2 7 J, Ziigmund pushes all-in on the river with about 60k in the pot already. Whitelime calls immediately, showing a pair of 5's with an ace kicker. Ziigmund shows nothing but a busted gutshot straight draw, and the $112k pot is shipped to Whitelime.

5. Durrrr rivers an open-ended straight flush. When all of the money gets in, the board reads 10 10 7 5, with the 5 and 7 of hearts. Son-in-Law has a huge lead after the turn, with Durrrr drawing to 2 outs. Lo and behold, the 4 of hearts comes on the river, and Durrrr is shipped the $135k pot.

4. Mysterio6044's unbelievable call-down on Dracospinner. With the board reading 5 A Q J 4, and a spade flush possibility and all sorts of straight draw possibilities, Dracospinner pushes $75000 and mysterio6044 makes the snap call with a pair of 4's with a 3 kicker. Dracospinner shows 8 10 of diamonds for a busted flush and straight draw. Mysterio6044 took down the $71k pot.

3. Erik1223 puts an incredibly beat on Matusow. Matusow turns quads holding A 9. The board reads 9 6 9 9 8, with the 6,8,9 of clubs on the board. All of the money gets in on the river, and Erik1223 opens 5 7 of clubs for the rivered straight flush. Once again, quads go down. Erik1223 takes down a $72k pot.

2. Durrrr wins a $279k pot from Patrik Antonius with a pair of nines. Another case where the huge overbet is a sign of bluffing. With the board reading 4 9 J A 3, with a flush possible, Antonius bets 100k on the river and Durrrr calls after a few seconds of deliberation, showing T 9 for a pair of nines. Antonius shows Q T for a busted straight draw.

1. TexasLimitKing against Neverwin. Limit Hold'em game. With the board reading Q 2 6 Q 6, Neverwin bets out on the river and is called by TexasLimitKing, who shows pocket fours. The crazy thing is that TexasLimitKing had the second worst possible hand, with Neverwin having the worst hand .. pocket threes! With two pair on the board, I don't know how TexasLimitKing calls there, unless he is just looking up Neverwin. Amazing hands.


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