Published on 2007-07-15 07:14:27

I guess when you are playing against some of the best poker players in the world, and you are up a couple of million dollars over the course of a month, eventually variance is going to swing back and bite you in the ass.

This is what happened to Brian "sbrugby" Townsend, who after posting a multi-million dollar gain in the big live games in Vegas over the course of the World Series of Poker, experienced an estimated $1.8 million dollar downswing over the course of two days.

Two days ago, Townsend lost over a million dollars playing in the big mixed game that was going on. Two pots in particular lost Townsend a ton of money, including one pot where he opponent rivered a full house and another pot where Townsend got all in on the flop with two pair against his opponent's overpair and flush draw and the turn paired the board, counterfeiting Townsend's two pair. The other pot was against Bobby Baldwin, and it was a $1.8 million dollar monster pot, that left Townsend tilted and he immediately left the table. We don't have any details on the hand yet, but will update you all when we hear something.

The big question is: is Townsend the fish in these games? I mean, don't forget that Townsend was playing $1/$2 No Limit Hold'em just about a year ago. Is he really good enough to play in a mixed game with the likes of Bobby Baldwin and actually be expected to win? If he played that game for a year straight, how long would it take until he busted?

I have this feeling that the live pros in this mixed game were starting to get a pretty good read on Townsend, and if Townsend were smart, he should book it out of Vegas while he still has any winnings left.


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