Published on 2007-05-03 00:11:27

Consider this a rumor at this time. I have been told by various sources throughout the industry that an announcement regarding is imminent. I have been told that it will either be an out and out sale, or a major tie-up with another well-known poker site.

Considering the growth of and the fact that many of the top online poker pros call, a sale or merger wouldn't surprise me in the least. has been steadily growing, and in April had over 120k unique visitors to its site. With the World Series of Poker quickly approaching, has some pretty valuable adspace that could be leveraged by an enterprising company.

I have also been told that the site will largely remain the same; the changes will be behind the scenes, and will allow for more resources to be put into the site. As always, I will update this story as I get more information.
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