Published on 2007-04-25 06:35:29

There was quite a change instituted recently by Party Poker regarding the way that it handles its affiliate business. In the past, Party Poker has been all about volume, and getting as many players as possible so that they can call themselves the #1 poker room in the world. Well, with Party Poker leaving the US market and Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker remaining, they have decided to focus more on profitability and less on being the #1 poker room in the world. So with that, Party Poker has decided to severely limit the "Free $50" promotions.

party pokerTechnically the promotion is still alive, but in actuality it's dead, as Party Poker now requires account holders to earn 200 Party Poker points before being transferred $25 instead of the previous 15 points. Here is how it worked:

An affiliate would say to someone without a current account at Party Poker "I will give you $50 free to open an account at Party Poker." Once the player played a certain number of raked hands, they were automatically given an additional $25 by Party Poker, and the affiliate would be paid a minimum of $100, sometimes higher, for referring the player. For sites such as Poker Source Online who were dealing with a tremendous amount of volume, there were able to ask for a higher CPA, therefore making the promotion much more lucrative.

Party Poker, looking to streamline their operations and make themselves more profitable, have decided to focus more on acquiring players with a higher retention and play rate, rather than players who are receiving $50 free and either busting out or withdrawing their funds and moving on. Players receiving the free $50 are much less likely to re-deposit.

So in case you are wondering why affiliates are suddenly not offering this promotion; Party Poker has decided to discontinue it.


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