Published on 2007-04-21 00:32:09

For some background on this story, please click here. Actionjeff popped up on 2+2 to discuss this article, and here is what he had to say:

action jeff responds!"I'm not entirely sure how this came to be public knowledge as I told absolutely no one, and I prefer to keep my backing deals private, but I will address this since its out in the open.

On New Years Eve, I got home late at night and got an IM asking if I was interested in buying someones seat deep in the Sunday million. I hadn't done this before, but knew of several people who had. The PokerStars TOC had absoluetly nothing in it prohibiting this practice as I had not entered the tournament on my account, so I bought the seat for about $28k. I "tipped" an additional $2k after I won the tournament, so it came to about $30k. After this happened, PokerStars changed their TOC to prohibit this practice."

It is interesting to note that Pokerstars changed their TOC strictly because of this incident; Lee Jones also sent Actionjeff an email a month after the fact, admonishing him for buying the "dim--tix" account with 32 people left in the Sunday Millions.

After more digging, we have found that the practice has taken place much more than we previously thought, and we will be posting more articles regarding this in the near future. Stay tuned..


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