Published on 2007-04-20 22:44:56

If you have been following along with this story, you know that William Gustafik was found stabbed to death in his Panorama Towers apartment building. You know that his wife, Jill Rockcastle, was the prime suspect in the case, and that she was found in San Luis Obispo unconscious after an unsuccessful suicide attempt.

gustafikWell, her 10 page confession has been published by a website. You can go here to read it. Anybody who said to themselves "There must be more to this story" was definitely right. If we can believe Jill Rockcastle, their fairy tale lives were nothing but a facade; a facade that was quickly crumbling. She details a life full of corruption, lies, deceit, gambling addictions, addictions to money, and addiction to the rich lifestyle. She paints a picture of her husband that paints him as being hopelessly addicted to drugs and hopelessly addicted to poker. She goes into great detail, talking about how they conspired to change his income tax returns so that he would have to pay his ex-wife less money for support; she talks about how he let his chiropractor practice deteriorate as he became hopelessly addicted to poker tournaments; she talks about how Gustafik was obsessed with getting onto television and living the lifestyle of a poker pro.

Rockcastle also details the fateful night where she stabbed her husband. In her account, she states that she was fearful for her life and acted in self-defense, as she thought that her husband was going to kill her. After killing her husband, she decided to take her own life by filling her bowl of oatmeal with drugs. She was unable to stomach the foul-tasting mixture though, and instead decided to flee to California.

By Rockcastle's account, Gustafik was losing $70,000 a month playing poker. If we can believe Rockcastle's version of the events, then this should be the ultimate cautionary tale of getting in over your head playing poker.


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