Published on 2007-04-19 23:07:04

The railers on Full Tilt Poker were buzzing last night as they witnessed an entertaining heads-up battle between Brian "Sbrugby" Townsend and Phil Ivey. Phil Ivey ended up taking $400k off of Townsend during the session. This is the life of a high limit player on Full Tilt; when you play against that level of competion, you are bound to have some pretty major swings.

sbrugby vs. phil iveyThe first big hand of the night took place when all of the money got in on a flop of three clubs. Townsend held an open-ended straight flush draw, and Ivey held Q 10 of clubs for a made flush. Townsend realized with dismay that instead of having many outs, he now only had two outs. He received no help, and Ivey took the first big pot of the night.

The next big hand of the night came when Townsend hit top pair on the flop, only to be followed by Ivey hitting a gut-shot straight on the turn. The river paired the board, and Townsend led out with a strong bet, only to have Ivey re-raise him all-in. Townsend, perhaps sensing a bluff, called, only to see that Ivey had a straight. Just like that, Townsend was down a quick $130k.

The next big hand saw all of the money get in after a flop that gave Ivey bottom two pair and Townsend top pair along with a flush draw. The turn and river were no help to Townsend, and Ivey took down yet another big pot.

The last big hand of the night saw Ivey suck out on Townsend. Townsend held 3 5 of diamonds and he had two pair after the turn. All of the money got in, and Ivey held pocket Jacks. Unfortunately for Townsend, the board paired on the river, and Ivey took down the pot, and they were finished for the night, with Ivey ahead by about $400k.


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