Published on 2007-04-18 09:48:31

Much has been said about Chantel McNulty on poker message boards. She is a 22 year old high limit poker player who has been involved with several high profile poker players and seems to be a lightning rod for gossip and innuendo.

McNulty burst onto the scene when her and well-known poker player "Neverwin" both broke off their engagements to be with each other. This relationship didn't last for long, and stories of mental imbalances, heavy drug use and some heavy gold-digging ensue. A war of words starts up, and they go their own separate ways.

McNulty pops back on the scene a short while later, this time with some enlarged breasts. Even though her surgery has been confirmed by various sources and even by McNulty herself, we leave it to you to decide whether or not you can notice a difference.

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