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SBRugby. AKA Aba20. AKA Moneyhungryhoe. Who is the player behind these aliases that seem to be causing mass destruction in the high limit games on both Full Tilt Poker and Poker Stars?

sbrugby - king shuffling cardsThe man behind "SBRugby" is Brian Townsend. If you have watched High Stakes Poker this season, he is the younger guy that lost a big pot to Daniel Negreanu when Negreanu flopped a set of 7's and Townsend flopped an open-ended straight draw. He seems a bit awkward handling chips in a live game, and his hands seemed to be like claws. This is "SBRugby."

Brian Townsend is the dream story that all of us hope to achieve. He isn't the live poker player that was successful before becoming an online player. He is the online player who built his way up from the lowest levels and is now battling the likes of Ram Vaswani and Phil Ivey in the biggest games online.

Over the course of just over a year, Townsend went from playing $10/$20 limit (and losing at that level), to playing $1/$2 No Limit. Once Townsend moved to No Limit, his game took off, and he rapidly moved up in games, and now plays $300/$600 No Limit Hold'em and Pot Limit Omaha. Townsend seems to be equally good at both games, and has won millions online playing both games.

Brian Townsend is an instructor at and currently lives in California.

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