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When you think of feared high limit players on Pokerstars, you probably come up with names like Hallinggol, PoorUser, aba20 and others. In terms of inciting fear in their opponents, you would have to include Rekrul on this list. Rekrul is an extremely aggressive player who will call you down with Ace high if he believes that he is ahead.

rekrul the poker rulerRekrul is another successful online poker player that got his start playing Starcraft. In fact, he was good friends with Elky, Nazgul and the others. Elky was the first of these players to have any big success, and once he made it, the others followed, and they are all great players in their own right. In fact, it was Elky that first lent Rekrul the money to get started on Pokerstars. Elky lent Rekrul $400, and Rekrul was on his way.

Rekrul used to attend the University of Cincinnati, though most of his time was spent playing Starcraft and online poker. After realizing that school was taking a definite backseat to his other interests, his informed his parents that he would be dropping out of university and moving to Korea. What about money, his parents asked. We aren't paying for this trip. No problem, Rekrul replied, I have my own bankroll, built up from playing online tournaments. And with that, he was gone, off to South Korea to play Starcraft professionally, and sneak in a hand or two of poker when he had the time.

The professional Starcraft venture didn't work out, and soon Rekrul was playing poker full-time, and doing very well with it. He stuck to playing mostly cash games, and slowly worked his way up the levels. $2/$4 became $3/$6, and so on, until Rekrul was playing the $25/50 NL games on Pokerstars.

Rekrul has a notoriously short temper, and I believe has a lifetime chat ban on PokerStars. By his own admission, he is a heavy drinker, and oftentimes will play at underground poker rooms in Korea. He posts regularly at Liquid Poker, and can often be seen playing on the high limit games on Pokerstars.


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