Published on 2007-04-08 09:19:29

Bryan Micon, co-owner of Never Win Poker, announced on a Neverwinpoker radio show on Saturday night that he is getting a divorce from his wife, and moving to Las Vegas. If this isn't a joke, I can't say that I am surprised by this announcement.

Micon burst onto the scene in last year's World Series of Poker, finishing 63rd in the main event and cashing in three other tournaments, for a total haul of just over $200k. I would imagine that with the success at the World Series of Poker and probably having an absolutely outrageous time in Las Vegas, he wasn't too thrilled about the idea of moving back to boring old Atlanta and living with his straight as an arrow wife. Doesn't seem like the type of lifestyle that the "King of All Degenerates" would be much into.

Making the move to Las Vegas makes sense. If you are going to run a poker website, there is no better a place. If it is hard to get money online with the new anti-gambling laws. The best alternative is rolling up your stake and moving to Vegas, where there is always a fresh supply of new fish in town. And the best part is that you can play poker to your heart's content, and it is completely legal. Micon probably compared his online tournament results to his live tournament results, and deduced that Vegas was a better alternative so that he could play live. His wife probably disagreed with this career choice, wanting to instead remain in Atlanta and have a somewhat normal life, and that was that.

It will be interesting to see how this story turns out. Will Micon ball out in Vegas or crash and burn? Stay tuned.


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