Published on 2007-04-07 01:42:46

The online poker world was buzzing on Thursday about the beating that Brian Townsend, aka "SBRugby" put on Ram Vaswani in heads-up No Limit Hold'em action on Full Tilt Poker. SBRugby took Vaswani for $400k+ in heads up action, and ended up making over $600k on the day. Not bad for a day's work!

Townsend was down $150k when he won a $120k pot when both players turned a flush but Townsend had the higher flush and they got all of their money in.

Then, Townsend won a $230k pot with Queen high, after both players got their money in on a flop of J 8 3 with two diamonds. Townsend held Q 10 of diamonds, and Vaswani held 5 6 of diamonds. The turn was a 4 of clubs, bringing more outs to Vaswani, but the river was a black King, and Townsend won the pot.

After that, Vaswani went on tilt and his play really began to deteriorate. SBRugby won another big $154k pot, when the players got all in after the turn, with the board reading Q 6 K J. Vaswani held Q 6, and SBRugby had the nut straight. The river didn't improve Vaswani, and Towsend took down another monster.

Townsend then won a $130k pot holding J 10 on a board of 4 J 6 6 10, with no flushes on the board. Vaswani pushed the river holding 7 5 for a busted straight draw, and Townsend took down another monster pot.

Townsend won another monster $130k pot when he held QQ with a Queen of clubs on a board of 3 6 9 clubs. Both players got their money in, with Vaswani holding 97 with no clubs. The river was a red Queen, and Townsend filled up to take down the pot.

The final blow was delivered when Townsend hit his gutter straight draw on the river after Vaswani had fought his way back to $121k. This is where Townsend bet the seldom seen $100k chip, and Vaswani called, and was shocked to see Townsend flip up the straight.

All in all, a terrible night for Vaswani, and a great night for Townsend.


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