Published on 2007-04-02 09:13:42

Rumors started trickling out of Monte Carlo yesterday that Phil Hellmuth had suffered a huge loss at the hands of Phil Ivey at Chinese Poker. Why anyone would want to play Phil Ivey heads up in any type of poker is beyond me, it can't be EV+.

Anyways, after the rumors started trickling out, Phil Hellmuth actually posted about it on his blog. Now, this seemed to be a matter of telling the world what happened before everyone found out anyways. I mean, Hellmuth doesn't update his blog in 5 months, and then updates it to talk about a $500k loss? Sure.

Anyways, the story goes that Hellmuth was "big pimpin'" it in Monte Carlo, relaxing in his 1000 euro a night suite, sipping on 4000 euro bottles of wine, when he decided to walk down the hallway and find Ivey and Antonius playing Chinese Poker. Hellmuth decides to play, takes a quick initial loss, and then agrees to up the stakes, and by the time he is down $536,000, the two were playing for $2000 a point. This might explain why Hellmuth was in such a foul mood at the EPT Monte Carlo, as that tournament started just a few hours after Hellmuth took this massive loss to Ivey.

The funny thing is that Hellmuth has stated multiple times that he has a net worth of "well over $10 million dollars." However, he loses $536k, and all of a sudden he is instructing his wife to pay down their mortgage? Strikes me as a bit odd, how about you?

It's never nice to laugh at anyone's misfortunes, but Hellmuth brings this on himself by constantly proclaiming himself to be the greatest poker player of all time.

To read Hellmuth's blog about this loss in its entirety, click here


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