Published on 2007-03-31 22:08:29

I was having a debate with someone the other day. What was the single greatest day of tournament play that one player has ever put up on Pokerstars? I have my thoughts, he has his thoughts; these were the single day performances that jumped to mind, which do you think is the best overall one day performance?

1. Lilholdem954 plays five tournaments TOTAL. He places third in the $150, 1st in the $20+$2 rebuy, 2nd in the $100 rebuy, 10th in the $50 rebuy, and 9th in the 100 rebuy. There were no non-cashes in this list; I listed every tournament he played that day.

2. Actionjeff winning the $100 rebuy and the $50 rebuy in the same day.

3. Ozzy87 wins two $11 rebuys in the same day, and comes in second in the $150.

4. Zangbezan24 comes 4th in the $200 rebuy, takes down $100 rebuy, 2nd in the Second Chance $200, all in the same day, earning over $80k from three different tournaments.

Which of these performances strikes you as being the best? Zangbezan24's performance is very impressive money wise, however, do you realize how hard it would be to take down TWO of the $11 rebuys in one day, considering the sheer volume of players playing? That's a lot of bad beats to dodge.

In my opinion, the hardest performance to duplicate is Ozzy's. What does everyone think?


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