Published on 2007-03-27 20:26:31

There have been a lot of rumors swirling around the Net about the fate of Lee Jones at Pokerstars. Was he leaving the company entirely? Was he staying? Would he be taking a different role with the company?

Well, straight from the horse's mouth, as of April 1st, Lee Jones will no longer be the manager of Pokerstars. After 3 1/2 years in this position, he has decided to move on; however, he will still retain a role at the company as a consultant, and according to him, will still pop up at the occasional final table of major events on Pokerstars.

Lee has decided to spend the bulk of his time working with the European Poker Tour, doing commentary and organization work. In his role as a consultant to Poker Stars, Lee Jones will also help with some events, including the PCA and the World Cup of Poker.

This sounds to me to be a very smart move by Lee Jones. He gets to still be involved heavily in the poker world, without all of the responsibility of being the Pokerstars manager. He has guided Pokerstars from being #3 on the list of poker rooms in terms of size, to by far the leader in the space. Pokerstars owes a lot to Lee Jones, and I for one will miss his Sunday final table banter. He was extremely good in terms of communicating with players at the site, and always fair and reasonable.

I guess the big question is: how many kill switches will Lee Jones flip before he leaves as manager?


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