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If you happened to be on Pokerstars today (Sunday, March 18th), and happened to be watching the high level SNG's on Stars, you may have noticed something peculiar. You may have noticed that Greg "Fossilman" Raymer was playing a bunch of heads-up SNG's, and playing them in a very strange fashion. Namely, he was basically dumping off chips to a player named "Ikeyrson." Ikeyrson would raise almost all-in pre-flop, "Fossilman" would call, Ikeyrson would check the flop, and Fossilman would immediately fold.

Obviously there was something fishy going on, and because Fossilman is such a widely followed player, the online community immediately notified PokerStars support. Some people said that maybe Fossilman was just dumping off money to this player for some reason; however, this is very peculiar and unlikely, as I am sure that Fossilman would just transfer the money. It was obvious to me that Fossilman had been hacked, and the hackers were trying to plunder Fossilman's account in the fastest way possible.

The funniest part of this was that when people tried to make contact with "fossilman" in the chat, he gave a bunch of very "un-fossilman" like answers. PokerStars support showed up soon answer, saying that they would call the real "Fossilman" to verify that this was indeed him playing on the account.

I am sure that PokerStars froze both player accounts, and returned the funds to Fossilman. The hackers went about this in the most obvious way possible, and I have honestly never seen such a bad attempt at hacking and the emptying out of an account. The interesting thing to me though, is how did these hackers get Fossilman's account information?


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