Published on 2007-01-19 02:45:00

Ok, so maybe Gobboboy isn't as popular with the ladies as say, Eric Froelich. But his spot-on fashion sense (tie-dye is always in) and well-coiffed hairstyles are second to none. You could also say the same thing about his poker game, as Gobboboy (aka Jimmy Fricke) enters the final table of the 2007 Aussie Millions as chipleader with 7 people left. This comes after a strong showing at the PCA.

Gobboboy has impressive stats in, and has come extremely close to winning the Pokerstars Million several times. The kid has outrageous game, and is well-known for his ultra LAG style. A typical day for Fricke at the table is being down to 100k chips, then up to 800k, down to 250k, and back up to a million+ chips. He is extremely aggressive, fearless, and instills fear in the hearts of his opponents. Opponents are often mesmerized by the swirls and spirals in his tie-dye attire, and Fricke prays on this by relentlessly betting out at them.

The question is, will Fricke play a tight game at the final table, or stick to what has worked so far? Each jump in pay for now on is substantial, so it will be interesting to see how he plays at the final table. Good luck Gobboboy!


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