Published on 2006-12-02 17:19:31

Back when the Republicans shadily introduced anti-gambling legislation into the Port Security bill, Party Poker was one of the first sites to announce their unconditional surrender. Because Party Poker was a publicly traded company, they decided to play it safe and immediately bar any and all US players from playing on their site. I think that at the time, they were expecting the other major sites to follow suit; however, this didn't happen, and old Party Poker players are moving en masse to sites such as Full Tilt Poker and Pokerstars. Party Poker is fast becoming a ghost town, as people want to play where the action is, and right now, the action is clearly NOT at Party Poker.

However, over the last few weeks, I have heard rumor after rumor that Party Poker is planning on sneaking back into the US market. How? I have heard varying rumors; that Party Poker is planning on going private; that the main shareholders in Party Poker are planning on opening up a new, separate private company. Any truth to these rumors? I'm not sure.


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