Published on 2006-11-24 21:10:11

I often said that because of numerous factors, Full Tilt Poker was slated to overtake Party Poker eventually to become the number two online poker room in the world (no one will overtake PokerStars, IMO.) However, I wasn't expecting them to overtake the 800 lb gorilla that is Party Poker so quickly. Well, with Party Poker decided to shut off access to US players after the gambling bill was passed, Full Tilt Poker greatly increased their marketing, tournaments and promotions and officially became the number two poker room recently, officially eclipsing Party Poker. In my humble opinion, this is the beginning of a prolonged slide for Party Poker, which they will never recover from.

In order for Full Tilt to gain ground on PokerStars, they need to incorporate rebuy tournaments into their daily slate of tournaments. If they do that, they can get some traction on PokerStars. I expect that Full Tilt and PokerStars will continue to gain distance on their trailing rivals.


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