Published on 2006-06-20 06:51:05

When you think of the top 5 tournament players online, you probably think of names like JohnnyBax, Brainwash, BelowAbove, Actionjeff, etc. etc. But there has been someone dominating online tournaments in 2006 that needs to be considered in the highest echelon of tournament players online, and that is Rizen. Rizen is an extremely smart and crafty player, and has been extremely successful in 2006 so far.

His biggest score came in the PokerStars 1 million guaranteed about a month back, where Rizen took down over 150k in one of the few no-chop Sunday tournaments on Stars. Not only that, but Rizen consistently places high in the rebuy tournaments on Stars as well. If you include his strong play on other sites, you have to consider Rizen one of the top tournament players online right now. Look for Rizen to continue to dominate throughout the rest of 2006.


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