Published on 2006-04-10 20:48:19

There are some awfully successful players that have made a ton of money online. JohnnyBax. Mahatma / Spirit Rock. Neverwin. But who's the most successful player ever since the advent of online poker? Which player is ahead the most money? Who is probably the most feared cash game player out there?

That title belongs to Eric123, aka Eric Sagstrom. Eric was born in 1983, and started playing poker online at the age of 17. He's just one of those natural, rare talents that excels at poker right from the start. Don't let his baby-face lull you into a sense of complacency; Eric123 is a beast at the tables, and has broken many a player in heads-up or short-handed play.

Reports vary, but I have heard from more than one reputable source that Eric123 has made over $10 million dollars online since he started playing 6 years ago. I've heard this from enough people that I trust to think that there is a good chance of it being true. He is definitely a winning player, no doubt about that.

If you see Eric123 playing on UB, watch him play for a while. You will be seeing probably the best player online putting on a show.


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