Published on 2006-04-06 23:28:20

A few weeks ago, I laid out the case as to who I thought was the best heads up Limit Player online, and that person is Patrick Antonius (playing as I_Knockout_U and AllTheWomen.) This week, I would like to look at who is the best Heads Up No Limit Hold'em SNG player online (notice I am not talking cash games.) To determine who the best heads-up SNG player is, you have to go to the grand-daddy of all the sites, PokerStars. This is where the biggest Heads Up SNG's go down, and this is where we will find our top player.

First off, let me give you a list of names that I think deserve mention as contenders, and then the reason that I don't ultimately find them number one.

Stevesbets - very strong player, but recently came very close to going bust. A frequent player of 2k and 5k SNG's, but we'll have to cross him off the list for nearly going busto.

PokerSavage1 - another very good player, member of the Supernova club on PokerStars. However, not as good as my top choice, IMO.

JERRRY - haven't seen him playing too much lately, but when he does play the SNG's, he is very tough to beat. He uses a technique of going all in all the time, and forcing his opponents to call with marginal hands.

Jacques_xxx - possibly Carlos Mortensen? Obviously strong player, but not the best in my opinion.

So who's the best? Who's the last player you would want to face heads up in my opinion? If your house was on the line, who's the last player you would want to go up against?

HoldemPhil in my opinion. There is no other player that wins as consistently as he does in the heads up SNG's on Stars. From what I have seen, no one has a better record than him. Phil is the best.


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