Published on 2006-03-27 08:29:01

E-Daddie took down the PokerStars $1050 tournament on Sunday evening, winning over $290k in the process, as he busted out 2004 World Series of Poker champion Greg Raymer. Raymer, short-stacked, pushed in with 10/8 offsuit and was called with pocket Jacks. The Jacks held up, and Raymer finished with 182k for second place.

The higher buyin attracted some of the best players in the world. The final 50 players in the tournament included some of the best players in the world: Fossilman, Hoss_TBF, Who is Next, neverwin, Sdouble, Emptyseat88 (Scott Fischman), and ActionJeff. The level of play was absolutely crazy, and you have to say that this $1050 buyin tournament from PokerStars was a huge success.

The final table and the payouts were as follows:

1. E-Daddie, $295,462.00

2. Fossilman, $182,760.00

3. bigbugs, $106,610.00

4. Hoss_TBF, $83,765.00

5. Indiagrace, $70,058.00

6. Who is Next, $54,828.00

7. Fenster, $41,121.00

8. rib n reef, $31,983.00

9. IgorFederal, $19,494.00


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