Published on 2006-03-23 23:00:23

I decided to write up an article on someone who is not only a force in the online poker world, but also a force at the live tables: Brtt Jungblut, AKA Gank, AKA PurpleLungs. Next time you are bored, check out, type in Gank, and see how many final tables of big tournaments Gank has played at on PokerStars. I'll save you the trouble. 243 final tables in the last two years, and I am sure that there are some missing from the database as well. Not only that, but Gank has made over $270k in the listed tournaments on, and this is only PokerStars.

Not only is Gank a great online player, but he is also just as good live. Gank has a World Series of Poker bracelet (in Omaha Hi-Lo) and he also took down Bicycle Casino's Winnin' of the Green event in 2004. This goes along with numerous final table appearances.

You may know Gank as a former member of the "Crew" (Dutch Boyd, Scott Fischman, etc.) When I think of Gank, I think of someone who is passionate about the game of poker, and passionate about preserving the integrity of the game (when the whole JJProdigy situation broke, he was one of the loudest voices against JJProdigy.)

Gank spent a lot of 2005 organizing and launching two ventures, and Now that these two sites seem to be rolling along, he seems to be devoting more time to playing poker online, and dominating from what I have seen. Just this past week, he took down a $100 rebuy on PokerStars, and came in second in a couple of other big tourneys on Stars.

Watch out for Gank in the World Series of Poker coming up. Cause from the looks of 2006 so far, Gank does indeed own.


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