Published on 2006-03-02 06:57:53

The question is: how much money has Ultimatebet lost over the last 24 hours? I believe Ultimatebet is doing some sort of a major software upgrade, and after their site being completely down last night, they came back up today, only to crash again on people playing tournaments and cash games. Now, I try to connect to the site and nothing happens; the software is down, the web site is down, etc. I like Ultimatebet, but what kind of a site takes 24 hours to roll out a major upgrade? Party Poker revamped their entire software package, from top to bottom, and didn't have as much as a hiccup. Somebody at UB had some poor planning, there are a lot of steamed poker players out there tonight, and I can't imagine that the CEO of Ultimatebet is too happy tonight either.


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