Published on 2006-03-01 07:46:58

You've heard of the "Corporation." A conglomerate of poker pros that combined their bankroll to take on self-made billionaire Andy Beal in a high-stake game of heads up Hold'em. The match was fairly back and forth until Phil Ivey played for the corporation, and absolutely demolished Andy Beal, winning $16.6 million dollars over the course of three days. The "corporation" was a collection of some of the best live poker players in the world: Brunson, Forrest, Ivey, Harman. The question is, if you were to make a "corporation" out of Internet players, who would you pick? And who would be the Phil Ivey of the group? You know, the absolute hammer?

First off, before we pick the hammer of the group, let me come up with my list of five players that I think would comprise the best Internet "corporation."

First off, I'd go with Erik123, AKA Erik Sagstrom.

Then, I'd take neverwin, Dustin Woolf.

Then, I'd want to have TooMuchVenom, aka Joe Cassidy on my team.

Next up? I'd take Thunderkeller, aka Thomas Keller.

Lastly? My hammer? My closer? Patrick Antonius, aka I_Knockout_U, aka AllTheWomen. Ask around. Ask any of the top heads up limit players. I'm talking limit, not no limit (if we are talking no limit, that brings up a whole different batch of possible names: theTakeOver, etc.)

The best heads up online limit player? If I had to put all my money on one player, Patrick Antonius would be that player. Ask Daniel Negreanu what he thinks of Patrick Antonius; Antonius took over 100k from Negreanu in a short period of time.

My Internet "corporation?" Erik123, neverwin, thunderkeller, TooMuchVenom, and Patrick Antonius batting clean-up.


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