Published on 2006-02-25 01:41:31

For those of you who don't know, there has been a very high stakes poker game going on in Vegas for about the last three weeks or so. Andy Beal, self-made billionaire and mathematical genius, has been taking on a conglomerate of the best poker players in the world, including Phil Ivey, Todd Brunson and others. Andy Beal has put up millions of his own dollars, and the pros have pooled their money together to play a very high-stakes game of heads-up hold'em.

Initially, the pros took the lead, and won I believe a few million dollars off of Andy Beal. Beal left Vegas, then returned, and proceeded to win back the 3 million he had dropped, and go 7 million dollars into the black. He had the "corporation" reeling. At this point, the "Corporation", the name used by the pro players, decided to send in their big gun. Phil Ivey.

And just like that, not only did Phil Ivey win back the $7 million that the "corporation" was in the hole, but he also won an additional $10 million dollars on top of that. A $17 million dollar swing in just a few days. Destroying Andy Beal like no other pro could. Anybody who thinks Phil Ivey isn't the best poker player in the world needs to get their heads checked.

So what happened? Did Ivey get a read on Beal that no one else could? Or is he just that much better than any of the other players who had sparred with Beal?

I'll go with the latter. My guess is that Ivey took this extremely seriously, and when Phil Ivey is that focused, no one in the world can beat him.

On a sidenote, Ivey also took 75k off of Beal betting on coinflips.


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