Published on 2006-02-24 20:48:40

Hot off the heels of the JJProdigy situation, we get another well-known online player, Zeejustin, get busted for cheating. I have been told that Party Poker closed his accounts a few days ago, and agreed to keep it quiet. However, an email has been circulating from Party Poker, saying that they investigated the Zeejustin account and found no less than 6 different accounts, entering the same tournaments, all from the same IP address.

What a scandal! I'll be updating this entry as I get more information. The poker rooms have a huge problem on their hands. How many players are entering multiple accounts in the same tournaments? If you finished second in a big tournament to one of Zeejustin's illegal accounts, what steps do you take? Do the poker rooms have an obligation to disqualify each cash that these illegal accounts had and bump up all legitimate accounts one place? How big of a headache would this be?

The poker rooms better get on top of this situation FAST or else they will lose all credibility. What other well-known online players are nervously hoping that their accounts don't get investigated?

UPDATE: There are the accounts that Zeejustin was using on Party Poker:


He has admitted entering the accounts in the same tournaments.

He has had $100,000 confiscated by Party Poker.

UPDATE #2: PokerStars did a review of the Zeejustin account, and found that he had been playing multiple accounts in the same tournaments on PokerStars. Pokerstars confiscated his money, closed his account on PokerStars, banned him, and are returning the money he won illicitly to players who were harmed by his actions. If I were to guess, I would say that he probably had between $50,000 - $100,000 on PokerStars, so he's had up to $200k confiscated in the past few days. Plus, he's a pariah in the online poker world now. So much talent down the drain.


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