March 2018 Bonus For Titan Poker

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-- If you are living outside of the United States, then you should definitely consider signing up for an account at Titan Poker.

The company has built itself up into a very large online poker room over a very short period of time.

What does the company have to offer you? Why should you sign up for an account at Titan Poker?

We have compiled a list of reasons for you. We have an account at Titan Poker ourselves, and these are some of the reasons why we play there:

1. The iPoker Network. Titan Poker is a "skin" on the iPoker network. In case you didn't know, the iPoker network is the third largest online poker network in the world, behind Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker. What does this mean to you? Action at any hour. Thousands of players on the site at any given time. Plenty of fish to feed on. Plenty of players from your home country to converse with. The iPoker network offers everything that a player could want.

2. The 200% Bonus of Up to $100. By entering PKRKING during the sign-up process, you are enhancing the size of your initial sign-up bonus. These bonuses are only available to new depositors. Even if you already have an account at another iPoker skin, you can still take advantage of this exciting bonus offer. The bonuses are "earned" through participating in real-money cash games, MTTs and SNGs. Note: This code is good for all of 2018

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3. The wide variety of different games. Do you prefer $1/$2 heads-up No Limit Hold'em? Titan Poker has you covered. Do you prefer to play in microstakes SNGs to build up your bankroll? Titan Poker has you covered. Do you prefer to play in large-field MTTs? Titan Poker has you covered as well. Being attached to the third largest online poker network in the world means that Titan Poker can offer its users a host of different games at a wide range of different limits. You will always be able to find a game on Titan Poker.

4. Fantastic Customer Support. Titan Poker has won an award for "best online support" two years in a row, and will be looking to make it three years in a row in 2008. They offer customer support in many different languages. If you have a problem or a question, then the reps at Titan Poker will get back to you in no time flat. I really like the fact that they publish their customer support phone numbers right on the front page of their web site - that's a big plus as far as I'm concerned.

5. The Promotions. Titan Poker offers over $16 million dollars in monthly guaranteed money for their biggest tournaments. They have a number of freerolls which are available to all players on the site. They have the ECOOP, which guarantees millions of dollars in prize money and is one of the biggest poker tournaments on the Net. They have the EC Poker Tour. They offer seats to the Irish Poker Open and Asian Poker Tour. The point to all of this - Titan Poker goes out of their way to provide value to their players, which is why people remain so loyal to the site.

Titan Poker Promotions - Double Up Sit and Go, Titanteam bounty, APT Macau, 200k - Software screenshot

If you don't have an account at Titan Poker, then I have to ask - what's stopping you? Try the site out and take advantage of the bonus offer. If you earn your bonus and realize that you don't like the site, then nobody will stop you from leaving. There is nothing wrong with free money though - especially a 150% bonus of up to $500. Just don't forget to enter PKRKING during the sign-up process to qualify for the exclusive bonus!

Titan Poker Bonus Code March 2018 -- PKRKING