Pokerstars Marketing Code Nov 2010

Published on 2010-11-03 17:08:00

Pokerstars Marketing Code November 2010 = POKER-KING

It's November of 2010 - do you have an account on Pokerstars yet?

If the answer is no, then good news for you - Pokerstars is currently offering a bonus of up to $600 for all of the people who haven't yet made a real money deposit on the site.

That's right - up to $600 in free bonus money.
Pokerstars November Marketing Code - Presented by the King

This is quite a step up from the old bonus offer of up to $50 that Pokerstars used to offer. Pokerstars had to step their offer up to keep up with their competition, and the beneficiary is YOU.

How do you qualify for this bonus offer? It's really simple - just follow these steps:

1. Enter POKER-KING when prompted for a Pokerstars Marketing Code (this code is good for all of November 2010).

2. Enter STARS600 when prompted for a "Pokerstars Bonus Code" (you will be asked for this code when you are making your first deposit on the site).

3. Deposit real money onto the site.

4. Play in real money games.


Some notes for you:

-bonuses are earned by participating in real money cash games, MTTs and SNGs. The more you play, the faster you will earn your bonus

-Pokerstars will give you up to six months to earn as much of your bonus money as possible

-this is a matching bonus, meaning that Pokerstars will MATCH the size of your initial deposits on the site with a bonus, up to a maximum of $600

-Pokerstars will allow up to three qualifying deposits to count towards your bonus, provided that the last two deposits occur within 90 days of the first deposit


For many of you reading this article, the holidays are just around the corner.

What better way to prepare for the holidays in December than to pad your bankroll in November?

Pokerstars Marketing Code November 2010 - POKER-KING


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