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Published on 2008-10-26 09:25:03

up to 600 dollars free - 100 deposit bonus at full tilt poker roomFull Tilt Poker Promo Code 2011 --> THEKING

Full Tilt Poker was a late entry into the online poker scene, launching their site well after the likes of Pokerstars and Party Poker.

However, FTP has been able to carve out a large market share for itself over the past number of years. Full Tilt has accomplished this through a number of different initiatives, including:

1. Aggressively signing well-known poker talent to sponsorship deals (Full Tilt currently has over 100 players under contract).

2. Constantly launching new promotions such as FTOPS, Iron Man and Matrix Tournaments.

3. Offering aggressive sign-up bonuses to new customers.

Many of the major online poker rooms now offer 100% bonuses of up to $500-$600, but Full Tilt Poker was one of the first to do so. This helped Full Tilt lure some of the new entrants to the online poker world who may have been originally intending on signing on to Pokerstars.

Full Tilt Poker offers a 100% matching bonus of up to $600. This means that Full Tilt will match your INITIAL deposit with a bonus of up to $600.

If you decide to deposit $100 to test out the site, then Full Tilt will award you with a $100 bonus. If you decide to deposit $500 when you first start out on the site, then Full Tilt will give you a bonus of $500.

Bonuses are earned through participating in real-money cash games, SNGs and MTTs. Full Tilt Poker is the second largest poker network in the world, so you will never have any trouble finding a game. They offer No Limit Hold'em, Limit Hold'em, Pot Limit Omaha and a wide variety of other games. There are also MTTs and SNGs starting every few seconds.

Full Tilt is also one of the most generous major rooms when it comes to the amount of time that you have to fully "earn" your bonus. FTP will give you up to 120 days to work off your bonus, whereas other rooms will give you 30-90 days. Full Tilt Poker will release your bonus in 10% or $20 increments, whichever comes first. So, if you deposit $250 initially, then you would receive your bonus in $25 increments. If you choose to deposit $50, then you would receive your bonus in $5 increments.

Full Tilt Poker has a number of features that will definitely appeal to new players. They include:

1. The ability to play with the "pros". As mentioned, Full Tilt Poker has a large number of well-known players under contract. Many of these pros will drop down to lower limits for a few hours each month as part of their deal with Full Tilt Poker. Where else would you ever get a chance to play against the likes of Phil Ivey, Chris Ferguson and David Benyamine?

2. Promotions galore. "Happy Hour", knockout bounties on "red" pros and Matrix tournaments. The list goes on and on. Full Tilt does a very good job of keeping their players happy with a countless number of interesting promotions.

3. The ability to play with players from all over the planet. It's pretty cool to be able to sit at a table filled with players from other countries. Full Tilt Poker has done a great job in expanding their international player base through aggressive marketing campaigns. The great thing about this is that you will always be able to find a game, no matter what time of the day that you are thinking about playing at.

You can't really go wrong if you are thinking about opening an account at Full Tilt Poker. Just make sure to enter the promotional code of "THEKING" when signing up in order to guarantee that you receive your 100% signup bonus.Note: This code is good for ALL of 2011.

Full Tilt Poker Promotional Code 2011 --> THEKING


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