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LilHoldem954, aka Chad Batista, is a fantastic poker player with a bit of a different history. For the longest time, Chad couldn't travel to poker tournaments because he was on parole after serving jail time. What was the offense? Personally, I'm not sure, but LilHoldem954 says that he "hung around with the wrong people and got into trouble."

One of Chad's friends turned him onto online poker, and Chad spent hours and hours just watching the top players play, and developing his own hyper-aggressive style. Chad is not afraid to put his chips into a pot, calling with marginal hands when he is certain that he is ahead.

Chad is known almost as much for his poker player as his "grill." Whenever you see a picture of LilHoldem954, his mouth is gleaming due to all of the metal in his teeth. Hey, if you make as much money as Chad does, then you can do whatever you want with your money.

LilHoldem954 dominates the big rebuy tournaments on PokerStars, and also have a couple of major Sunday titles at PartyPoker under his belt (one was a chop). He has made well over a million dollars online, and hundreds of thousands in live play, due to his win at the WSOPC in Indians, for which he collected over $260k in an absolutely dominated final table performance.

Even more noteworthy was how he abused the bubble and padded his chip count, even folded pocket queens in order to prolong the bubble and add more chips to his stack. He was showing down ridiculous hands that he was raising, because he knew that no one would tangle with him since they were so close to the bubble.

This is indicative of Chad's play; he is pure aggression, and really can't be stopped when he is sitting at a table. He is another in a line of aggressive poker players; super aggressive and super loose, and super successful.


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